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Wealthy Web Designer

Aug 21, 2023

In 2018, Becca and Willow were over $20k in debt, miserable with their jobs, and determined to create a better life for themselves. They knew the standard 9-5 wasn't for them, so they decided to enter the online space and pursue the digital nomad life. Becca started doing web design and soon after dipped her toes in the world of passive income by launching her template shop- Bold x Boho. The demand was undeniable, so Becca and Willow quit their jobs, went ALL IN, and built a six-figure website template shop!

Then, in 2020, Becca experienced her FIRST 20k month and sold out on her Website in a Day service within a mind-blowing 72 hours! Fueled by this success, Becca launched the Wealthy Web Designer Course in 2021. Fast forward to 2023, Becca achieved 50k months in her web design business, has now created a community of over 3,000+ students, has been featured in "Business Insider," and has even been on a Time Square billboard! From solopreneurs, to building a multimillion-dollar brand... there is absolutely NOTHING stopping these two. Tune in to hear the details on how they did it, and click "subscribe" for more content like this!

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