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Wealthy Web Designer

Apr 26, 2023

From bartending to web designing: here’s the story of how Claire Palmer changed her life. Claire found the Wealthy Web Designer program recently after it launched in 2020. Since then, she’s launched @juniperfolkdesigns along with a few beautiful Showit Website Templates. In the episode, we dove into what our...

Apr 18, 2023

If you're interested in learning more about the various forms of income that can be generated through your Web Design Business, then this episode is the perfect place to tune in.

We delve into the difference between passive income, day rates, and custom rates, and when it makes sense to implement each of these models...

Apr 5, 2023

Join us as we talk about our favorite topic: MONEY. We dive into how our upbringing can play a lot into our money mindset, how to make more money as a creative, and how money can change your entire life. 

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